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Gary Neville criticized six Premier League clubs for Super League formation

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26 Apr 2021
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gary neville

Gary Neville has charged the six Premier League clubs that formed the Super League with attempted murder of English football.


It’s more than football

The former Man Utd defender was an outspoken critic of the plot of 12 European teams to start a competition separate from the Champions League. Plans quickly fell apart in the days following Sunday’s announcement, when six sides of the Premier League Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool, Man City, Tottenham and Man Utd canceled their decision to join the Super League. Gary warned that action must be taken to prevent clubs from trying to take control of the game again in the future, citing an attempt to update English football via Project Big Picture last October as a reason to be careful.


MU fans wants club owners to sell it

Fans of Man Utd fought for their lives last week to stay in their own competition. He said that it is much more than any person who has a job in this club. Everyone who plays football, everyone who knows football, loves football, knows that this is wrong. He called them impostors. The ultimate long game is to get the hosts out of the club, no doubt about that. But in the short term, some safeguards have to be put in place to ensure that they cannot go and do what they want with football because they want to take it. They want to maximize profits, which every businessman does, but at the expense of a football fan and fair and equal competition in England. It’s just something that can’t happen. Ole will either keep her job through good results or not keep her job through good results, but this is obviously much more than about results, three points, Man Utd wins the trophy. He also, that is a harsh language, it was an attempted murder of English football. I’m sorry I can’t wash. It’s been a long time since it’s twice as much as you. If you were sorry the first time with the Big Picture, you would not have returned this, he said.


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