Football NewsGeorginio Wijnaldum – in favor of the Paris Saint-Germain project
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The midfielder says he negotiated with the Spanish side for four weeks but was unable to come to an agreement before the French side made their offer.


Georginio chose to join PSG

Georginio Wijnaldum says he chose to join PSG instead of Barcelona because the French side made the offer faster and he was convinced of the project. Georginio had been involved with the move to Camp Nou for several months as his contract in Liverpool drew to a close. But Paris Saint-Germain stepped in and announced that they had signed him this week.  Georginio Wijnaldum thought that reuniting with ex-Netherlands coach Ronald Koeman in Barca was inevitable for a long time, until Paris Saint-Germain received an offer.

Georginio Wijnaldum said at a press conference that it was a difficult choice. They negotiated with Barcelona for four weeks, but they did not reach an agreement. Georginio also said that Paris Saint-Germain was just faster and their project spoke to him more. To be honest, according to Wijnaldum, he thought I was joining Barcelona because in the beginning they were the only club interested. Barcelona and Paris Saint-Germain are both really great clubs, and both are clubs where Wijnaldum wanted to play and he wanted to make his decision before the start of the Euro and ended up choosing Paris Saint-Germain.


Georginio about Paris Saint-Germain

The 30-year-old has committed to a three-year deal with the Ligue 1 giants. He clarified Thursday after the move was confirmed that coach Pochettino was instrumental in persuading him to join. Georginio Wijnaldum said that As a footballer, you always want to play with the best players around you and when he looks at the team, and also when he spoke to the manager, he saw a team full of talented players and big players and moreover, Georginio also saw the manager. which can make the players even better, and is also capable of bringing all these players together to make a strong team. According to Wijnaldum, he comes there trying to write a story with this incredible team.