Football NewsGeremi says Chelsea will not sell Romelu Lukaku
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Belgian footballer Romelu Lukaku offers no indication that he wants to get out of the blues, Geremi argues, with the forward still giving up on the back of the controversial interview.


What did Geremi say about Romelu Lukaku?

Romelu Lukaku suggested that he would like to return to Inter at some point soon and was disappointed with Tuchel’s tactical system at Stamford Bridge. Subsequently, the 28-year-old was thrown off in a Premier League crystal clash with Liverpool, ahead of his return to the semi-final Carabao Cup derby with Tottenham, and former Blues midfielder Geremi believes the issue that has been ripped out of proportion is already sweeping under the carpet in west London.

When asked if Romelu Lukaku made a mistake, apparently speaking against his current club, Geremi said that he was a little surprised. As former Blues player Geremi knows, there are many situations like this. But when Geremi watches Romelu’s latest performances, his attitude is great. The former Blues did not watch him at the training ground but on the serve, after the match against Tottenham, he shared the victory with the fans. Romelu Lukaku gave 100 percent.

What Geremi read and heard was not what he saw. “If you’re not happy, why are you going to fight? You can’t lie to yourself and you won’t have the same motivation.” – said Geremi. It is also not good for a club to keep players who lack motivation and ambition. But when Geremi looks at Romelu, there may have been a misunderstanding or misinterpretation of what he said.


Lukaku is one of the best in this position.

Chelsea head coach Thomas Tuchel has already moved to rule out any chance of Chelsea parting with a player they invested £ 98m in during the 2021 summer transfer window. The proven performer is believed to have a critical role to play in both short and long term plans at Stamford Bridge, with his pedigree engulfed by a club that is crying for another scary number nine. Geremi once played alongside one of the very best to fill that role – the Ivorian mascot Drogba – and he believes Romelu could be just as important for the 2021-22 Blues class.

The ex-Cameroonian international has said there is no doubt that he is one of the strongest center-forwards in the world. For Chelsea, when you watch football around the world, Romelu is one of the best in this position. It would be a huge loss for Chelsea to lose that player. According to Geremi, not only is he a Chelsea fan, but he thinks they have to keep him. Romelu Lukaku must stay. Geremi is not in order to see what is happening, but watching him, he does not see any problems.

Chelsea, who has one leg in the Carabao Cup final after a 2-0 win over Arch-rivals Spurs, will return to the domestic cup competition when facing Chesterfield in the third round of the FA Cup on Saturday before taking on a return date with Tottenham and a Premier trip. leagues to the Man City table.