Football NewsGetafe comeback after three losing in a row
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Getafe wins against the Leganes. The team got chances to move from 4th  place to 5th.  Bordalas have a secret strategy to score the Goals.

Only a few points left to gain control over Sevilla


Today was an exciting match in Laliga, Leganes three unanswered goal was kicked in their door. As you know, the Home team has 14 points and stands in 19th place in LaLiga when the guest team is in 5th place with 33 points.


Spanish Derbi preparations


Before the exciting match of this Derbi, let’s see what they got in the last eight games. Getafe won four-match and Leganes only once. The draw was in three games. In the first match of the season, the home team lost their three points against Getafe also. Today Both sides had problems with injured teammates. Leganes were missing two players Siovas D. and Szymanowski A. because of knee injury. Getafe has three: Angel – muscle, Kenedy R. – Ankle, and Manojlovic F. – Back injuries. Managers are hoping that injured players will get a green card from the medical team.


Three Goals in a row


Team managers presented impressive formations. Leganes coach decided to start with five defenders, three midfielders and two strikers. As he knows, it’s not easy to control the ball against Getafe. So he tried to stop guest team strikers with five defenders.

Getafe boss formation was balanced, as he knew that the home team would play defence games. He put four defenders, four midfielders, and two strikers on the pitch. His strategy has worked, as they beat three goals in 1st half of the game — the first goal scored on 12th, second on 21st and third on 33rd minute. Bordalas finished the full game in the first half for the home team.  Leganes team tried to control the ball, counterattack the guest team, but guests prepared for this well.

Getafe can Handle this


The second half started, and Javier Aguirre gave a chance to Recio, and he sent Rodrigo Tarin on the bench. Aguirre made another change on 57th and 77th minutes, but it does not provide any results for the team. Two formations made by Getafe coach Bordalas on 84th and 89th minutes. This change was only formally for Getafe because they finished their Derbi competition in the first half. The referee added only 3 minutes to the game, and he finished exactly in the 93rd minute.

Getafe won the well-deserved game, as they have done everything for that. Leganes fans hope their team could win next time.