Giorgio Chiellini Laughs as He Recalls his Notorious Shirt Pull-on Bukayo Saka.

Giorgio Chiellini Laughs as He Recalls his Notorious Shirt Pull-on Bukayo Saka.

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12 Jun 2022
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Bukayo Saka

Giorgio Chiellini chuckled as he remembered his iconic shirt pull on Bukayo Saka in the Euro 2020 final: ‘I grabbed him good!’

Last year’s Wembley showpiece saw Italy defeat England on penalties after a 1-1 stalemate in normal and extra-time.

Chiellini, on the other hand, infuriated England supporters when he dragged Saka down as the Arsenal star attempted to surge into the final third.

Saka sneaked around him and stole control as the streetwise defender sought to show the ball out of play on the touchline.

But, as he sought to break into acres of space down the right side, Chiellini pulled him to the ground in a cynical foul to save his blushes.

England fans were incensed after witnessing their favorite player hauled to the ground while attempting a counter-attack.

Chiellini, on the other hand, has received plaudits from the likes of John Terry and Jose Mourinho, with the former dubbing him a “legend.”

After nearly a year, the Juventus legend has reviewed his shirt pull on Saka and admitted that he had no choice but to commit the infraction.

‘This became the overall symbol of Euro 2020.’ ‘The most widely circulated meme of summer 2021,’ he declared.

‘It was most likely one of the few errors I made during the Euros.’ I’d read the flight of the ball in the 90th minute, believing I could shepherd it out of play when I could have really controlled it.

‘However, I was certain that by putting my body between Saka and the ball, I could force it out of play, but he wriggled around me.’

‘My reaction was to grab him as he wriggled around from behind and had that space to sprint into.’ And I had a firm grip on him!’

Saka went on to miss England’s game-winning penalty in the shootout.

Marcus Rashford and Jadon Sancho also failed to score, denying the Three Lions their first major prize since 1966.

Chiellini subsequently claimed that he cursed Saka before leaving the scene, claiming that he spoke the phrase ‘Kiricocho,’ which means ‘curse you’ or ‘jinx’ in Spanish.

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