Football NewsWho gives Messi most goal assists – interesting statistics
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Leo Messi has scored almost 700 goals in his career. Sky conducted a statistical survey of Messi’s goals and calculated who gives him the most goal assists.


For example, in the Argentine national team, Messi’s goal assists were most often done by Carlos Tevez and Gonzalo Higuain – 6-6 assists.


Neymar not in the first five?


In Messi’s first years in Barcelona, the then leaders of the team are only in the second ten – Ronaldinho is in 17th place with 7 assists, Samuel Eto’o has the same number of passes for the Argentine and Thierry Henry has one more (8 assists). However, they also managed to play in Guardiola’s era and have spent several seasons with Messi.

It is noteworthy that Messi often enjoys the passes of the wingers – Jordi Alba is in the seventh place with 20 assists for the Argentine, and Danny Alves is in the second place – 43 assists for Leo.

Neymar was left out of the top five, despite making a very successful duo with Messi. The Brazilian has 25 assists. Neymar overtook Pedro Rodriguez in the top five with 29 assists.

Barça’s legendary Xavi-Iniesta duo shares the third and fourth positions. Xavi has scored 35 assists for Leo, and Iniesta has passed 40 times to Messi.

Luis Suarez is in the first place with 47 assists. This is a phenomenal result given that Suarez himself is a striker and scores a lot of goals. No wonder Leo loves to play with El Pistolero so much.