Football NewsThe GOAT full-backs in modern European football!
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Football fans are always arguing about who is the best player in this or that position. Every fan has his favorite, and it is clear that with the passing of the years, even the best players change.


Here are the most outstanding wingers in modern football, who today are considered the best by most fans of this sport in Europe.


Alphonso Davies


A 19-year-old Canadian footballer defends the dignity of Bayern Munich. He was bought by the German Grand in January 2019, from Vancouver for just ten million and, for many, suddenly, in quite a short time, managed to become a member of the main team.

Davies excels in both defensive play and offensive play. His agility, technique, and physical strength help him to perform his job perfectly on the field. The 2019-20 season was special for him and for the Munich club in general. They managed to win the German Cup, the Bundesliga, and the Champions League. Alphonso became the first Canadian in history to play in the final of the most prestigious club tournament and win it. In the Champions League, as in other tournaments, the young winger has played brilliantly. At the expense of an excellent game, he deserved that the left-wing of the German Grand belongs to him.

Hans Flick: “When Alphonso is on the pitch, I’m very calm because I know the team will be very active in attack. At the same time, play at a high level in defense. He has unique data, and he proves it in every game.”


Trent Alexander-Arnold


The 21-year-old English defender, before joining the first team, played at the Liverpool Academy in 2004-2016, and with the main team, he has been on the field for years. For him, as well as for the “Merseyside” club, the seasons of 2018-19 and 2019-20 were very successful.


With Liverpool, Arnold played twice in the Champions League final. In the second case, the winner came out on his own. He also won the UEFA Cup, the Club World Cup, and the English Premier League. The young winger made a great contribution to all this with his brilliant matches. He is considered to be one of the most creative players in the team, who performs defensive functions at the highest level and manages to engage in attack with the same success. Trent distributes lots of goal assists, and with an effective, spectacular game, he often deserves applause from the fans. Many football fans believe that in modern European football, he is the best right-back.

Mohamed Salah: “Trent is an excellent partner. I met him very easily on the pitch. Following the defender, he is very fast and technical. I am often surprised by the sight of his pitch. He is on the ball, and you should expect everything from him. “