English Premier League“Good Question But You Don’t Deserve an Answer” Mourinho on a Reporter

Jose Mourinho snapped at a TV reporter after she asked him to explain why he didn’t bring on Gareth Bale during Tottenham’s loss to Chelsea.


It was clear that Spurs lacked a cutting edge without their talisman Harry Kane. As a result, this went behind to Jorginho’s 24th-minute penalty on Thursday night. Mourinho turned to Erik Lamela and Lucas Moura as the home side chased the game rather than Real Madrid loanee Bale who was left unused.

Journalist Alison Bender asked Mourinho, “can I just ask one tiny question. Obviously, you were just one-nil down. Gareth Bale, a lot of people were saying bring him on. Can I ask why you didn’t bring him on?”

Tersely, Mourinho replied, “good question. But I don think you deserve an answer”.

Following from Mourinho was a “thank you” before he turned away and stormed off. Quizzed about it again in his press conference, the coach replied, “I am trying my best. Gareth is trying his best. Everyone is trying their best”.

Mourinho’s frustrating answers and downcast body language hinted that all is not well behind the scenes as former superstar Bale struggles to make any sort of impact following his much-vaunted return to the club.

Bale is yet to establish himself as a regular starter under Mourinho since making an emotional return to north London last summer.

The Welshman has made 15 appearances in all competitions for Spurs this season but has only started twice in the Premier League.

He has scored four goals – one in each of the top flight, Europa League, FA Cup, and Carabao Cup – and is yet to register an assist in his second spell at Spurs.

After the incident, Bender took to Twitter to express shock at Mourinho’s reply to her, but she posted again on Friday morning, insisting that she was not upset by Mourinho’s apparent lack of respect.

She said: “Thanks for all your messages. It’s part of the job. The press officer Simon came over and we had a good chat so it’s all good. What IS tough though is homeschooling a 7-year-old while entertaining a 3-year-old…on 5 hours of sleep. Thank goodness it’s Friday!”