Football NewsGraham Potter thinks Marc Cucurella is a top player
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The Chelsea manager has revealed that the form of Spanish defender Marc Cucurella, with whom he also worked at the Seagulls, can be attributed to certain issues off the radar.


How was everything?

Marc Cucurella moved to west London in the summer in a record move for a full back. However, so far this season, the Spaniard has yet to live up to his £63m ($78m) fee and has failed to start any of the Blues’ last three matches. Chelsea head coach Graham Potter, who also made a move from the Seagulls a month later, called the Spaniard a top player and reduced his recent performances to other external factors.


What did Potter say about Marc Cucurella?

The Chelsea manager said in a press conference that he thinks it was a challenge for Marc Cucurella. According to Graham Potter, Marc Cucurella had some things from the field and also family things that were difficult for hm. So there are many factors. Sometimes people just see a guy on the field and they have a verdict for him. But all sorts of things happen in his life. Potter says he knows Marc Cucurella well and knows him at best. According to him, Marc Cucurella is a top player.


A little about the topic

Looking ahead to the Blues’ crystal match against the Reds on Saturday – which saw the introduction of £89m ($110.3m) of new winger Mudryk – Graham defended his managerial opponent. The Liverpool manager will be in charge of his side for the 1,000th time in his career, although he will be looking to avoid a third consecutive league defeat that will see Liverpool slip below their West London counterparts.