Football NewsGranit Xhaka criticized Arsenal critics
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Xhaka slammed critics of Arsenal for trying to kill players after their defeat in London’s Chelsea derby, while confirming that he had signed a contract renewal at Emirates Stadium.


A little about the topic

Arsenal followed their 2-0 defeat at Brentford in the opening weekend of the new season, losing by the same score at home to the Blues on Sunday afternoon. Arteta’s are now 19th in the Premier League, and it has been speculated that the Spaniard will be harassed if they continue their current trajectory, with a number of first-team stars being accused of not playing for their non-angry manager.


What did Granit Xhaka say?

Gunnery Captain Granit Xhaka is among those who saw his contribution in question, but he believes it is too early to make any harsh judgments. Pressing on whether Arsenal could use external negativity as a motivational tool, the Swiss midfielder told the club’s official website that of course. Another way is to stay together. A lot of people try to talk and kill a few players and the team, but the most powerful thing to do at the moment is to be together, and only together they will be stronger and give results after serving.

They want to achieve something big, of course. After two games, a lot of people talk about this team and this club, but according to Granit Xhaka, after two or three games, the season is not over. They still have games in front of them, they know they have a lot to improve and Xhaka is confident that they will. Granit Xhaka doesn’t think the season is over after two games. they know they lost two games and they are very disappointed, but they still have many games. A season never ends after two, three, or four games. they know they have to do the best things, but it will happen soon, and according to Xhaka, they have to believe in each other in order to get out of this.