Football NewsGranit Xhaka thinks Arsenal needed more goals against the Magpies
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Granit Xhaka slammed Arsenal’s devastating setback on Monday.


What did Granit Xhaka say?

The Swiss midfielder said the Gunners needed more goals against Newcastle on Monday, adding that Arsenal didn’t deserve to be on the pitch as their Champions League ambitions crumbled. The Gunners were defeated 2-0 at St. James’ Park as a result, which gave Tottenham full control in the race for the top four. A win would put them ahead of Tottenham with one match to qualify for the PL season.

The Swiss midfielder said he doesn’t know why they don’t do what the coach asks for them. According to Granit Xhaka, if someone is not ready for this game, let them stay at home. Age doesn’t matter. If they are nervous, let them stay on the bench or at home. According to Granit, people need to have balls to come here and play. This is one of the most important games for them. They are very disappointed for the people who came here.

They didn’t do what the game plan was without listening to the coach. What happened was a disaster. They don’t deserve to play the Champions League or even the Europa League. At the moment it is very difficult to accept. Granit Xhaka says it’s hard to find the right words. From the first minute until the 90th, they did not deserve to be served.


A little about Arsenal

Arteta’s players are technically still in contention for a Champions League spot heading into the final day of the season, but their chances are slim. They need to beat Everton and see Spurs lose to last placed Norwich City to claim fourth place. Just a couple of weeks ago, the Gunners looked like they could easily do the job, and their downfall was hard to take on by their players. Granit Xhaka said they have been waiting for six years. According to Xhaka, they had everything in their hands. They looked like they were in the position where Newcastle are and they were where they are.