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The situation 

Griezmann full time. That yoke that has suffocated Cholo since the beginning of this season, Griezmann’s cage due to his transfer clause with Barcelona, ​​which forced Cholo to use him with Excel, 30 minutes per game. Well that’s over. The agreement will be official next week but it is already total: Griezmann can already start. No pumpkins or cages . And Cholo needs it. Because it turns out that the Pizjuán thing could have been more of a demerit for Sevilla than a merit for Atleti . Because Bruges arrived , the Champions League, last Tuesday, and everything was pulverized . That rojiblanca reaction in Seville, in the League, which had tempered the grays of the hilly start, again, of the season (four losses in ten games), the return of Giménez and Savic behind, the reliability, the Atleti cholista, intense, recognizable . In Bruges, Atleti fell into the trap of their lack of forcefulness and broke all the photos of Pizjuán’s merits, complicating the round of 16 in a group without the coconuts that last year’s had (Liverpool and Milan). And now comes Riquelme (16:15, M LaLiga). Riquelme, Girona sensation like Mirandés last year. Riquelme without fear clause. Simeone likes him, he always likes him a lot, but the rojiblancos full of attacking players were not going to give him the minutes he deserves. In Girona he is the leader: the one in charge of making the attack dizzy and connecting with Taty Castellanos . Míchel is clear about his system, 3-4-3, and exploits it despite having only three natural central defenders (Santi Bueno, Bernardo and Juanpe) due to the loss of David López. Scoring is capital against Atlético because the margin regarding relegation is reduced as the days go by and they are already three points behind Almería, 18th .

Being more aggressive on and off the ball, something for both teams

Girona is still trying to take the pulse of the League. It is his third season in First in history and Míchel must fit the pieces of a group that received 14 players in the summer . Very few had experience and had to adapt. Míchel urged his team to improve in defense (goals in all league games), be more aggressive with and without the ball and have personality . Almost the same as Simeone. “There were good things and also things to correct,” he said in Bruges. More of the second. Task. Give back to Atleti that lost forcefulness that is tied to the foot like a slab that pushes towards abysses