Football NewsGuardiola fears football may be back behind closed doors if the public don’t follow vaccination and face covering rules with Covid cases rising
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Pep Guardiola fears the unwanted may return to empty stadiums if the general public don’t follow rules on vaccinations and mask-wearing.

Guardiola is adamant he wouldn’t like to play games without crowds again but admits he is bemused by the number of people he sees without masks compared to his native Spain.

He thinks it represents a risk to the way football will look in 2022 because cases might continue to rise unless the population alters its habits.

‘I would not love closed doors again. You cannot imagine how different it is playing without people. There is no comparison,’ he said.

‘In the end we did it to survive the pandemic, for the broadcasters. Thanks to that we could play football and get our salaries but hopefully, it doesn’t have to happen like that again.

‘Cases are rising all around the world, not only in the UK but in the football bubbles. People in stadiums can contaminate and then, in the stadiums, people don’t use masks.

‘It’s what I’m surprised about the most, you go to big malls, you go to places to buy presents for the family, no one wears a mask.

‘The scientists said from the beginning the most protection you can have is hand sanitizer and this (mask).

‘I think in Spain now it will be compulsory not just inside places but outdoor. On the street, you have to wear it.

‘We should start again – vaccinated, booster, as part of that, hand sanitizer, social distance, and masks. It’s the best way we can protect. This way, the restaurants could still be open, football could go on.’

Guardiola urged people to continue getting their booster jabs. ‘I want to trust the people who say ‘This is safest, take a vaccine.’

‘People don’t die when they take a vaccine, people can die if they don’t take a vaccine. We have to try to do it, otherwise, you know, another barrier (football behind closed doors) may become. It will be again and again.’