Football NewsGuardiola invited Valentin Castellanos to move to Europe
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Spanish soccer manager Guardiola has offered Argentine soccer player Valentin Castellanos to relocate to Europe after the forward won the league title over the weekend with New York City FC.


What did Guardiola say about the Castellanos?

A Man City manager said he watched the NYCFC MLS Cup final against the Portland Timbers and was impressed by the player who took the top US flight last season with 19 goals and eight assists in 32 games. Valentin scored the opener for the NYCFC and also turned into a winning bullet.

Pep Guardiola told reporters that he thinks Valentin Castellanos is the guy who will take the next step in Europe. What Pep saw when the scouting department spoke to him, Pep knows that Castellanos is a quality player and is ready to take the next step in Europe and they will see where.

At the MLS Cup finals, Pep added that they watched it in a restaurant and couldn’t believe it. he was very impressed with how they dealt with the extra time. When someone concedes a goal with 10 seconds left until the end of the game and be champions and have extra time, he can be destroyed.

But in extra time, wow, they were much, much better. This shows how strong these players and the manager are. According to Pep Guardiola, this is a huge compliment to the organization for New York, because this is the first time and always the first time is special.


A little about the topic

The main reason the Man City manager has been keeping an eye on the New York side is because NYCFC and Man City are owned by City Football Group, a global football conglomerate. For the MLS, having a City Football Group presence (as well as Red Bull’s stable of clubs) helps with global scouting, and Valentin could be a beneficiary of the attention.