English Premier LeagueGuardiola Warns City Players Against Blowing Title ahead of Southampton Match
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Pep Guardiola has sent a warning message to his stars ahead of the Southampton test saying they cannot afford any more slip-ups if they want to remain in the title race.


By the time Guardiola’s side kick-off at Southampton, Manchester City could find themselves 11 points behind the Premier League winners Liverpool. Although City has a game in hand, Guardiola acknowledged his side, which has drawn in their last two games, need to put together a winning run to climb up the table.

“We know we have to start to win games and more games”. Guardiola said.

“If not, It will not be possible. We know it. But it’s not about the distance. It’s about what Liverpool is able to do, what Tottenham, what Southampton can do. There are eight teams in front of us”.

“We have a game less, but you have to win it. Maybe we have played this game less. But we are not able to win it. So, we have to start to win games in a row, to be there at the end, or it will not be possible”.

Additionally, Guardiola conceded City are struggling for goals, with the Blues having scored just 18 in the league this season, compared to 35 at the same stage last year.

Star striker Sergio Aguero remains injury-prone and unreliable, while Gabriel Jesus has failed to score in his last seven games for City in all competitions.

Despite that, Guardiola said he will not go into the market for a striker in next month’s transfer window but will remind all of his players of their obligation to score.

“We have to insist, insist and insist. There’s no other way. We have to be positive and one day it will break. When we’re able to score goals and win games, the confidence will be back”.

“Last season we were the team who scored more than the champions. But unfortunately, we conceded too much.  We have to score and everyone knows it”.