Football NewsHaaland’s agent does not deny the ‘Real Madrid clause’
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The situation

Erling Haaland’s future remains open. That is what emerges from the first words in a media outlet by Rafaela Pimenta, the heir to the empire of Mino Raiola, the agent who handled the affairs of the Norwegian battering ram until he died on April 30. Pimenta gave his first televised interview to the Italian journalist Gianluca Di Marzio, who has offered an excerpt in which the attacker’s contractual situation is discussed. When asked directly about whether there is a release clause in the contract between City and Haaland that the player could take advantage of to go to Real Madrid, the striker’s agent did not deny its existence.Is there a clause to be able to leave in 2024? “The good thing about being a lawyer is that, when they press you asking you something, I can answer that being a lawyer I can’t talk about it…” , was the enigmatic answer. A full-fledged dribble when he could have adhered, without problems, to Pep Guardiola’s recent statements in which he denied the existence of the clause . 

The details 

Pimenta did not want to confirm it and came to say, yes, that Haaland will end up leaving City at some point. “He will be the first footballer to reach close to 1,000 million in a transfer,” he ventured. A figure that justified that the Nordic is already worth “if we stick to the value of his image, the impact on the market …”. Regarding the brilliant start of Haaland’s stage at City and if that opens the doors, on the contrary, to a renewal of the current contract until 2027, Pimenta was open to the idea of ​​being able to negotiate a new agreement with the citizen entity . Will there be contacts soon? “I hope so, why not? If you want us to talk about it, I would be happy to do it” , she assured.