Football NewsHans Flick wants to get fifth consecutive win in Bundesliga
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Before leaving for the Club World Cup tournament, Bayern has to play against Hertha. They will visit Berlin for a clash against an old opponent.


Hans Flick and team is optimistic

Bayern Munich played 7 matches in 23 days. According to the official report, Bayern had a really good run. Especially in the last four matches Bayern was really good. Team was solid in defense and attacking line. In the last four matches, Bayern took 12 points – the maximum they could. The mentality and situation in the club is upbeat. 

Before the press-conference, Hans Flick said that the team is having fun. He noted that it’s important to have a relaxed atmosphere during the training. Hans added that the Bayern squad is ready for any challenge because they work hard.

Hertha Berlin is tough opponent

Although Hertha is not in a good situation, the team is always a tough opponent for Bayern. Even Thomas Muller admitted that no matter a form, Hertha is ready to put up a real clash against Bayern Munich. Keep in mind that Bayern won four consecutive wins in Bundesliga. Team wants to get fifth and ready for the match. On the other hand, Hertha is winless in the last five games. Even worse is that Hertha got only one point out of five matches. Team could get only one point out of 15 possible. Hertha’s coach is ready for the game. Coach said that the team will play and focus more on scoring goals.

Hertha’s coach said that the team is working hard strategically and fitness-wise. He said that no one has a chance against best-form Bayern. If the Bayern players are not feeling fantastic, then the team has a chance. Dardai noted that strategically Hertha can beat Bayern at any point of the pitch. He said that the squad is ready and if no one slacks off, then Hertha has serious chances for three points.