Football News‘It only happens in Italy’ – Gattuso was outraged by the referee
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Gennaro Gattuso criticized the referee. According to the Napoli coach, he should not have fired Lorenzo Insigne.


In the 12th round of Serie A, Napoli faced Inter and lost 0: 1. The fate of the match was decided by Lukaku, who scored a penalty in the goal of Napoli. It was during the penalty shootout that the referee showed a direct red card to Napoli captain Lorenzo Insigne in protest.

Neapolitan head coach Gennaro Gattuso was unhappy with the decision of Davide Massa and said in detail: “2 minutes ago, the referee praised Insigne for his role as captain and fired him after 2 minutes. It only happens in Italy. In Britain, the players tell the referee off ‘fuck ‘And nothing happens. You can’t expel a player after a questionable penalty. Anyone who does this should understand that we play a lot. That’s not right. Then what should I have done when I was playing? “It should not happen; the referee should have intellect and tact. Besides, Insigne did not do it aggressively. Our country is one where players are expelled because of it. I played in Scotland. It does not happen there. The referee had a bad day. “How difficult it is to referee, do not think I do not know, but a player should not be fired for such a thing,” Gattuso said.

“Rino” spoke specifically about the game and noted that Napoli did not deserve to lose, but it was necessary to realize the goal moments: “My team played great, we had many moments, but we need to score. It was a very tactical fight, regardless of the result, of course. “I am satisfied with the game,” he added.

Napoli are in 4th place in Serie A with 8 wins and 4 losses (they have lost 1 point). Gennaro Gattuso’s team will face Lazio of Rome in the next round.