CricketHarbhajan Singh Choses The Better Batter Between Rohit Sharma & MS Dhoni, His Reply Will Surprise You
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Turbanator Harbhajan Singh has named the batsman he most feared, and it’s not someone every cricket fan will assume. Harbhajan is known for his straightforward answers in the commentry box, he is dual opinionated and always feels free to speak from his heart.

Star Sports allows fans to ask their favourite question to sport commentators, knowing that most of the commentators are themselves stars of cricket, they are asked questions related to their own career.

During Kolkata vs Chennai match, a fan asked Harbhajan Singh who was the toughest batter he ever bowled to, Rohit Sharma or MS Dhoni?

As expected, Harbhajan Singh came up with a surprising yet not unpredictable answer. Without a moment of hesitation, he said, “Rohit Sharma is a very difficult player to bowl.”

“Mahendra Singh Dhoni, because by the time he used to come, my spell was almost over.  Whatever bowling I have done to him, I also got him out and it didn’t trouble me much, but the last three overs, he was a very dangerous player.”

By the time he came to bat, my overs were pretty much over. But if you talk about Rohit Sharma, overall, then he is very big impact player, a very class player, there is no comparison between both.”

“Also, if look at the terms of batting skills wise, Dhoni was number one in the last overs when he was a finisher till a few years ago, but if Rohit bats from top to last, then there is no better batsman than him,” Singh concluded.

Harbhajan Singh has dismissed MS Dhoni only once in his IPL career, it happened in 2015 during Mumbai Indians vs Chennai Super Kings match.

Harbhajan is one of those players who got to play with Rohit Sharma and MS Dhoni. He played 158 matches for Mumbai Indians, and in majority of them he played under Rohit Sharma.

For Chennai Super Kings, Harbhajan only played 27 matches, he stayed with the team for two seasons and won a trophy in 2018 with the team.