Football NewsHarvey Elliott reveals he had Sadio Mane’s T-shirt as a child
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Sadio Mane leaves Anfield for Bayern Munich and Harvey Elliott has agreed to follow in his footsteps.


A little about the topic

The English footballer explained his decision to inherit the old jersey of the Senegalese No. 19 in the Reds, a young man seemingly destined to go down that path after wearing the jersey for the first time as a child. Sadio Mane said goodbye to Anfield in the summer of 2022 and the Champions League and PL winner with 120 goals has decided to take on a new challenge at Bayern Munich.

Liverpool manager and company are looking for someone to step in and fill that void, with teenage playmaker Elliott eager to follow in the childhood idol’s illustrious footsteps, filling the role the Liverpool icon occupied between 2016 and 2018.


What did Harvey Elliott say?

Harvey Elliott was awarded the No.67 jersey after being added to the Reds’ senior squad, on the back of a transfer from Fulham, and has made 20 competitive appearances to date. The talented teenager believes the time is right to step up the pecking order on Merseyside and doesn’t feel the added pressure of inheriting the old Sadio’s jersey, telling Liverpool’s official website that it’s clear the number has become available, some great players have worn it in the past – the likes of Mane and the list goes on.

Harvey Elliott thinks this was an opportunity to go down the ranks in terms of numbers, and for him personally, this is a remarkable number. Elliott remembers Mane’s number 19 shirt from childhood. So to be able to wear it after it is a great pleasure. According to Harvey Elliott, at the end of the day, a number is just a number, but it’s just nice to have a smaller number. Harvey thinks this is a great opportunity to move on to another season.

So the Englishman hopes that he can prove to himself and prove to everyone that he can have those numbers and can perform under that pressure, because that comes with it. Harvey Elliott says he’s just so excited to put this shirt back on and play again.