Football NewsHavertz ready to support Tottenham against Manchester City
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In a surprising turn of events, Arsenal’s Kai Havertz is poised to support Tottenham Hotspur in their upcoming match against Manchester City. The Gunners are hoping for a City loss to boost their own position in the league standings, following their recent 1-0 victory over Manchester United.

Havertz’s decision to back their bitter rivals has raised eyebrows among fans, but the midfielder is determined to see Arsenal climb up the table. With tensions running high and the race for the top spot heating up, every point counts for the teams vying for the title.

Stay tuned for the latest football news as the battle for supremacy in the league intensifies. Will Tottenham be able to pull off a win against Manchester City, with Havertz cheering them on from the sidelines? Don’t miss out on the action as the drama unfolds on Tuesday.