ArchiveHaving missed Mbappe, Real does not want to tear the market: purchases are only for the future, they put on Rodrigo, Vinicius and the Monaco defender
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Real Madrid are having a hard time with the disruption of Kylian Mbappe’s long-awaited move and are gearing up to enter berserk mode this summer. Or not? According to Ramon Alvarez, one of the main Real Madrid insiders, more importantly, the approach to the negotiations themselves will change: Real Madrid is aware that preliminary agreements do not guarantee success in the current realities. From now on, every top player will be given a strict deadline to sign a final contract – otherwise Real Madrid will withdraw from the negotiations. This is especially true for free agents. The club will also distance itself from players with too powerful families. In Real Madrid, they believe that the family profited from Kilian and knocked space conditions out of PSG, but behind the player’s back. Therefore, Florentino Perez threw at Mbappe’s refusal: “They destroyed your dream.” And this is not even the only example. The Haaland family also insisted that even if Erling decides to move to Real Madrid, he should have a release clause of no more than 170 million euros. The club understood that this was necessary in order to move to another club again after a couple of years and get a better contract and a signing bonus. It is important that inside Madrid they do not consider the fact that Mbappe decided to stay at PSG to be a big problem. The club is rather dissatisfied with the way and approach that the player and his family used: they used Real Madrid for their own purposes. Perez is going to fight it.

No superstars this summer

At the beginning, Real Madrid planned to bring Mbappe complete with Erling Haaland – but the Norwegian had to be abandoned due to the mega form of Karim Benzema. Erling was afraid that the Frenchman would not let him play at the base, and Kilian would take over the attention. Man City caught on in time and dissuaded Haaland from sitting at Borussia for another year and waiting for a dream – this was exactly the plan that Perez adhered to.

Mbappe didn’t work either. Now Real Madrid are forced to concentrate on their players: immediately after the refusal of Kylian, Marca rolled out the first news that the club was already in talks with Rodrigo to extend the contract. Ancelotti believes that Rodrigo has not yet reached his maximum and may soon become a world-class player.

Madrid’s priority is to renew Vinicius. The club is enamored with the Brazilian’s dedication and diligence, he has had an incredible season and deserves a pay raise. Vini said that he was ready to play for the salary of a reservist, but Real Madrid are going to give him 10 million a year and prescribe a release of a billion euros.

Gareth Bale and Marcelo are leaving this summer as their huge salaries will be used to strengthen the squad. The club still dreams of pushing Eden Hazard, Luka Jovic and Mariano aside. In their place, not yet top players with strong seasons are being looked at: Darwin Nunez from Benfica, Milan star Rafael Leau and Christopher Nkunku from Leipzig Tedesco. There are no plans to sign Robert Lewandowski and Harry Kane at Madrid yet.