Football NewsHazard leaving for Juventus would suit all the parties
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Hazard was presented in front of Real Madrid fans at the Estadio Santiago Bernabeu after joining for a reported 100 million euros from Chelsea. It was hoped that Hazard would be the player to truly replace Cristiano Ronaldo, who departed one summer earlier and lead Los Blancos to the top of European football once again.

Hazard situation

Fast forward just over two years, and Hazard is no longer viewed as being amongst the top players in Europe, at least inside Spain. Now he is going to Juventus, and it’s quite an unfortunate situation for Hazard. All fans hoped that he was indeed a replacement for Cristiano Ronaldo when he was bought, but now nobody believes that Hazard is even close to No.7. The transfer will be done before the 31st of August before the transfer window shuts down, and fortunately for Hazard, this transfer will give Hazard a chance to shine in Juventus. Maybe he wasn’t an all-on failure, but from a gameplay and expectations perspective, he was pretty mediocre. Considering all of this, if he manages to move to Juventus, he will have a chance for change, but it will be challenging, to say the least. He will need to adapt, overcome and evolve with his new team in Juventus.

Hazard’s future in Juventus 

Hazard will somewhat have a great time in Juventus, but he needs to sacrifice for it. He needs to work if he wants to evolve and have some progress in his career. We have to do at this point to wait and see what will happen in the future. The official announcement will probably be in a few days considering that there are three days left until the transfer window ends, all we have to do is wait, and it’s going to happen, only time will show us what will happen