Football NewsBellerin in Spain? Barcelona will try to add Hector
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One of the problems of the Catalan club is the position of the right defender. London Arsenal do not want to let Hector Bellerin go.


After solving the problem of Lionel Messi, Barcelona should continue to think about strengthening the team. After staying in the Argentine team, the Catalan club can easily strengthen various positions with transfers.

One of the relatively weak positions in today’s Barcelona is the right-winger. Nelson Semedu was one of those who looked bad in the lost match against Bayern Munich.

The 26-year-old turned up at the Catalan club from Benfica. There were high hopes for him, and it was believed that he should be the future of Barcelona. However, the Portuguese player could not justify the advances issued.

In the position of right defender, Barcelona also has the option of Sergio Roberto, although he is more productive in midfield. Therefore, the club will have to add a full-back during the current transfer window.

Barcelona are reportedly interested in Arsenal player Hector Bellerin. Hector was brought up in the academy of the Catalan club, and they tried to add him from Arsenal before, but they did not succeed.

Arsenal do not want to sell the player. But Barcelona are still trying to add Hector on loan. The 25-year-old is worth around 30 million euros. But closing the transfer will be difficult as Paris Saint-Germain and Turin’s Juventus want to add the Spaniard.