Football NewsHernandez praises Nagelsmann because of his strategic development
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Lucas Hernanzed is playing for Bayern Munich and hails his coach. The player noted that Nagelsmann is one of the best coaches around the world because of his tactics, knowledge and strategic development. He noted that there are no days or even weeks the same under Nagelsmann – because they learn a lot from him everyday.


Motivation for Lucas Hernandez

It’s the level of motivation. All of the players are incredibly motivated. We all want to win titles, that’s our objective and I think you can see that. We’re hungry – be it in the Bundesliga or in the Champions League. You saw that last Tuesday against Barcelona that we were hungry. We’re determined to go all the way in every competition. And that’s why we go into every single match with the motivation to win. I’m a competitor. We’re all competitors in this team. That is our focus. It’s the way we think. We won everything there was to win a year-and-a-half ago. We’re even hungrier than we were then. That’s simply how we are and that is reflected out on the pitch. Sometimes it’s difficult as every team wants to beat Bayern Munich. But we know everything is in our hands. If we play in a concentrated manner and perform as we can, we know we will win.


Nagelsmann is the best coach in the world

He’s a coach who knows the world of football. He knows how to get on with the players and how to manage players. The most important thing for a coach is knowing how to manage the group. When you arrive at a club like Bayern Munich where all the players are important and have won titles, this ability to manage the group is very important. He has done that very well since the beginning. It’s true that the training sessions with Hansi Flick were different. We started with a classic warm up and then passing exercises. Whereas now, the exercises are more specific and no two weeks are the same.