Football NewsHeung-min Son not interested in Arsenal form
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The Spurs player Heung-min Son rated the Gunners’ form as “not interested” ahead of the latest North London derby.


What did Heung-min Son say?

The two fierce local rivals are set to lock their horns again on Sunday, with Arsenal heading into this competition plunging to the top of the Premier League table. Tottenham, who have won just one of the last three top fixtures, may find themselves in a tough time on home soil – having already suffered a 3-1 defeat at Emirates Stadium in October 2022 – but Heung-min Son is paying little attention to how the Gunners are holding up , as the focus narrows to the cause it can affect.

Asked if it’s been hard to watch the Gunners fly high this season, the South Korean forward told reporters on the flip side of the Spurs’ third-round FA Cup victory over Portsmouth that he’s not interested, to be honest. According to Heung-min Son, they lost against them in the away game, so they have a lot of homework this week to do it well again.

Son thinks the fans were really disappointed when they lost at the Emirates, so he thinks they have a huge task at home. Heung-min Son says everyone should be ready to drop their bodies and they are ready to go.


A little about the topic

Heung-min earned a share of the Premier League Golden Boot last season as he landed in the English top flight 23 times but only six efforts to his name in all competitions in 2022-23 – although one of those goals was recorded in another London derby victory over Crystal Palace in the last league away.


South Korea’s captain explains why he keeps throwing away the annoying face shield and forward Tottenham are ready to take the risk of injury.


How was everything?

Heung-min Son suffered a broken eye socket before the 2022 World Cup final in Qatar and has been wearing a facial accessory ever since. The South Korean international admits to growing tired of the mask, with Tottenham forward to get rid of the mask during a recent away against Aston Villa, before knocking him off his head again when he scored a much-needed Premier League goal against the Eagles.


Still need a mask

The South Korean footballer spoke about his desire to see the back of an uncomfortable mask that can go against the wishes of certain family members and club doctors, which is obviously not the same as when he plays without a mask.

According to Heung-min Son, his eyesight is still fine, but when the ball comes to him, it is sometimes annoying because he cannot see the ball because of the mask. It doesn’t really bother him, but it’s not the best. Against Villa, Son was very upset because he got the ball and then suddenly lost the ball because he didn’t see it. He just got angry.

The South Korean player says that if he was alone, obviously he would play without a mask, but his parents, his family, his friends watching in South Korea are all concerned. Obviously it’s a risk if someone hits him again. According to him, his parents didn’t tell him to wear it or anything, but they were having dinner after the game at the villa and they said,

“What happened to the mask?” Obviously they are worried. And also forward said that the physiologists and doctors said after playing in the villa that it was their decision, but they recommend that Heung-min Son still wear a mask because the risk is still high because it’s only seven weeks since the operation.