Football NewsHow Jurgen Klopp transformed Liverpool into the Champions
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German coach arrived in the Premier League back in 2015. Liverpool was not in a good condition and it was visible in the results. The team was struggling at the Premier League table, so the German coach had a big pressure. The fans had pressure on the coach as they wanted to see the same miracle as Jurgen did in Dortmund.


The hope of the Sir Alex Ferguson

The first words of Ferguson were that he was not waiting for Jurgen to be the coach of Liverpool. At the same time, he predicted that Jurgen would change the team. As it seems, Ferguson was really good at being afraid of the rise of Liverpool. The Reds raised like never before and Jurgen Klopp did a perfect job. When the first time Jurgen signed for Liverpool, he said that he was not there to play with the big team. Jurgen said that he wants to win Premier League and Champions League. Experts in the Premier League were not serious about his words. Yes, Jurgen Klopp was a serious coach and he made lots of things with Dortmund but playing in Premier League? It’s not the same level as Bundesliga. That’s why no one believed in the team of Jurgen Klopp. They were wrong because Liverpool had a big rise in a few months and they won all the trophies.



Coutinho left the team and Klopp’s plan started working!

The Brazilian player was the star of the Premier League for four seasons. Liverpool put a big money on the table and they signed Coutinho in the summer of 2013. Inter Milan was on the rise by that time but he was not on top of the world back that time. Coutinho saw the prime of their career in the Premier League. Liverpool fans were big fans of the player. He was tearing apart the Premier League club for many seasons and it was visible in the results against big teams. At the same time, Coutinho’s Liverpool was not a dominant club and could not win Premier League or big trophies by that time. After Klopp signed for the club, Coutinho was the star of the team. Soon, Klopp gave permission to buy Firmino, Sadio Mane and Salah. Along with these players, Firmino could dominate the world but he decided to leave the team for Barcelona. Klopp was not angry about the decision because it’s Brazilian’s career. At the same time, Klopp changed the system of the team and Coutinho’s place was not there anymore.

Virgil Van Dijk & Becker

Jurgen Klopp reached the final of the Champions League. They could reach it but failed to win the trophy. Real Madrid was way better in the second half and lost the game with two goals difference. Next season, Liverpool reached the finals again but with VVD in the defensive line. Liverpool was very powerful this time with attacking three and VVD in the back. Along with Becker as a goalie, Liverpool won the Champions League. Next season they dominated Premier League and won the trophy after decades. Jurgen Klopp’s name will be forever in the books of Liverpool’s history!