Spanish La Liga NewsHow Real Madrid won the game against Elche
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Real Madrid has no time to relax. Rodrygo was the shining star in the game against Elche. The Brazilian shines in Vinicius’s band against a surrendered Elche. Benzema scored two goals. Camavinga liked as a pivot. The stands requested the renewals of Modric and Ceballos.


The game changing La Liga situation

It seemed petulant, but in reality it was a correct reading of the game. Ancelotti came out with six regular substitutes, kept his colonels and chewed a few gums. He understood that Madrid would win this game regardless of who he put in and it happened, because Elche came out with a white flag in hand. His miracle did not go through the Bernabéu. It was very soft behind and benign in front. A bargain for some madridistas wanting to progress. Rodrygo, without going any further, had a great time in Vinicius’s garden, Benzema took the thorn out of the Bernabéu with two goals, Ceballos and Asensio accumulated renewal coupons, Alaba and Camavinga had a good time in different roles than usual and the fans demanded the renewal of Modric.


As the classification does not deceive, Elche went out on the ground. And since the calendar doesn’t lie, Madrid looked behind the game , where a few ‘eight thousand’ awaited them. The thing was in an eleven to shoot Militao, Alaba and Benzema , who leave the infirmary, to refresh Modric (Kroos was disabled by gastroenteritis without the need for Ancelotti to do it) and to experiment with the puppies. The Italian set up an unprecedented midfield, with Valverde and Ceballos as midfielders and Camavinga as a pivot. The Frenchman is looking for his place in the world. That roaming accompanies footballers that are difficult to define and this is it. It looks good but it is not clear for what.And above, on the sides, Asensio and Rodrygo, who is better on the left, but only Vinicius steps on there.


Elche surrendered easily

Elche also understood that this was not their war. Not in the eleven, which seemed the best possible in the absence of Boyé, touched during the week and who started on the bench, but in attitude. He was well explained in the goal that opened the game. Asensio received on the three-quarter line, Raúl Guti and Magallán, very polite with the Spaniard, made him a corridor and the left-footed shot was unstoppable for Badia. The last national memory of Madrid was Mallorca, in a sandpaper match. This Elche must have seemed to him from another League. Especially Asensio, that footballer who often loses the duel without losing the goal.