CricketHow To Make A Team On Buaksib & Join Contests
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To win on Buaksib, you have to take care of some extra measurements while making a team, like where the match is happening about the players of the team, stats and condition of that ground.

After considering and analysing all of the factors, you should move ahead to pick your players on Buaksib Fantasy league. First after reaching the dashboard, you have to join the contest by forming a team 1 hour before the match. Now you can edit or create your team even after the toss so that none of your players are missed. 

Many people make mistakes here. You should know about which league you should play in grand league or small league, so let us first of all know what is the difference between grand league and small league:

Grand league

Grand league, we call that league in which you can win millions and crores by investing less money. And in this league, millions of people enter, which means you compete with millions of other players who want to win the  amount. It is very difficult to get the first rank in this league.

Small league
Small league We call that league in which you will win money according to the way you invest and very few people take entry in it and you also compete with less people. Because your chance of winning increases. You should focus more on Small league because you can win daily in Small league.
Making a contest winning team
To win on Buaksib, it is most important that the team will perform well. To win the grand amount, the team should be elite. If you have made a good team,
then you can win the contest, you should always balance the team, you should include batsman, allrounder and bowler according to their expertise and records. From amongst the player should be selected, anytime you bring more batsman or more all-rounder, you should select the players equally.
To conclude, if you  play Buaksib Fantasy League only for entertainment, then the loosing and winning doesn’t concern much. However, if you play it seriously to earn money, or play it as major interest then you should keep these suggestions before making any team.

You should always keep yourself up to date with information related to players, and contests. Then you can seriously earn good money from it. There are many people who have won millions in cash and claimed exciting mega prizes to their names.