Football News“I did not expect this from Jürgen!” – Pep got very angry with Klopp
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Pep Guardiola criticized Jurgen Klopp before the match with Liverpool. The Catalan is upset by the comment of the German specialist.


Ahead of the Premier League round-robin match between Liverpool and Manchester City on Sunday, City head coach Josep Guardiola slammed Jürgen Klopp.

“Jürgen made a mistake. He has to look at the calendar again. I am surprised! “I did not think Jurgen was the kind of coach who would make such comments,” Guardiola said on Friday.

What happened? The fact is that Klopp mentioned before the duel with Pep that he had a “two-week break” because of the City coronavirus. In fact, the Manchester Grand “rested” only “from December 26 to January 3 due to the postponement of the match against Everton scheduled for December 28.

“We had a corona, we were out for a week, and we played with 14 players at Stamford Bridge. Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe we rested for 2 or even 3 weeks? When I see Jürgen, I ask about it. The fact is that I did not expect such a comment from him. He knows this is not true. “No team has rested for two weeks,” Guardiola added.

As for Pep’s comment on the top match scheduled for Sunday: “Our goal is to secure the first place in the tournament table. I want my team to fight for victory at Anfield – just like the day I started working here. We will not be satisfied with the draw. We want to win in Liverpool. ” – Pep noted.