Football NewsI hammered, sentenced by his people
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The situation 

If it wasn’t against Inter, it will be against Bayern or Viktoria Plzen because there are no central defenders. But last night saw the beginning of the end of Gerard Piqué in the Champions League . Despite the fact that his contract ends in 2024, it is very difficult to imagine the Bonanova center-back for another year at Barcelona . First, because he himself warned that he would not spend a full year on the bench, something that will happen as soon as Araújo, Koundé or Christensen recover. And then, because his level is no longer that of the great days. This had already happened. A couple of seasons ago, the image of him grabbing Mbappé’s shirt in the first leg of the round of 16 against PSG went viral . Time was catching up with Piqué, who also hugged Iñaki Williams’ shirt a season earlier at San Mamés, the day Barça were eliminated in the 2019-20 Cup round of 16. Piqué finished that course with 2-8 in Lisbon. It was then that he assured that he would step aside if asked . This course, Xavi had hinted at it and, at least, what Laporta had begged him for was that he at least lower his wage bill. According to the president’s words in the Assembly, that did not happen. Last night, Piqué was a shadow against Inter . He suffered in the first part with Dzeko and in the second he collapsed. 

The details 

But nobody would say that it would be like this. If there was something left for Piqué, it was concentration, positioning and attention. Eyes in the back. However, he was confident in the 1-1 action. Barella took advantage of the gift and the night turned bad for the azulgrana . What happened next was a festival of inaccuracies from a player who was already nervous and, like the rest of the team, out of place. Lautaro took him out of his zone again in the 3-3 action.