Football News“I want to Nico Williams”
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The situation

“I want to be the best and, when the time comes, I will make a decision”, diverts the rojiblanco winger, a fixture in the Spanish Under-21 team, about playing with Ghana. Nico Williams is one of the pearls of Lezama who can exploit this course with Ernesto Valverde at the controls after already leaving hints of his potential in the First Division. He admits that being a lion, despite his youth, fulfills him: “I love Bilbao and I love Athletic. I want to be with my brother and all my classmates. It’s like family to me. I want to stay at Athletic”, says the promising red-and-white winger. His objectives, far from any external siren song, slips around “winning titles in Athletic. It’s like family to me. My brother has won titles and I want to give more to Athletic”, says the electric youth squad player, in full pre-season with the rojiblanco team before traveling to the tour of Germany with the expedition.

The details

 Always compared to his brother, Nico maintains about his qualities, that Iñaki “is more physical, he has a lot of speed. I am a dribbler, like Neymar, Dembele or Mbappe. For me it is very important to have my brother in the same team. He teaches me many things, he works a lot. I see him and I want to be like him”, he launches in an interview on the Ghanaian broadcaster. Asked if he would play for the Ghana national team as Iñaki chose a couple of weeks ago at 28 years old, he says that he has “been watching the Black Stars. I like to learn from them. I’m still very young (2002) and I’m focusing on myself, working hard. I want to be the best and, when the time comes, I will make a decision”, he diverted when at 20 years old he was a fixture in the Spanish Under-21 team.