CricketICC Announces Equal Prize Money for Men’s and Women’s Teams at ICC Events
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The International Cricket Council (ICC) has made a groundbreaking announcement, declaring equal prize money for men’s and women’s teams at ICC events. The decision, reached during the ICC Annual Conference in Durban, South Africa, exceeded the board’s commitment to achieve prize money equity by 2030, well ahead of schedule.

Under the new regulations, teams will receive the same prize money for comparable finishing positions at respective events. Furthermore, winning a match at these events will now yield equal rewards for both men’s and women’s teams. This move aims to promote gender equality and address the disparity in financial rewards in cricket.

In the upcoming tournament cycle, the ICC will award identical prize money to both men’s and women’s champions, as well as the runners-up, at global events. This momentous decision highlights the commitment of the ICC to recognize and value the contributions of male and female cricketers equally.

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ICC Chair Greg Barclay expressed his delight, stating that this development represents a significant milestone in the sport’s history. He emphasized the ICC’s efforts to progressively increase prize money at women’s events since 2017, with the ultimate goal of achieving parity.

Barclay underlined that winning the ICC Women’s Cricket World Cup will now carry the same financial reward as winning the corresponding men’s event, including the T20 World Cups and U19 tournaments.

The decision reinforces the notion that cricket is a sport for all, celebrating and valuing every player’s contribution equally. The ICC’s commitment to gender equality in cricket is a positive step forward and aligns with the organization’s vision of promoting inclusivity within the sport.

In addition to the equal prize money announcement, the ICC Board confirmed the largest-ever investment in cricket. The distribution model for the next four years has been agreed upon, with every ICC Member set to receive significantly enhanced funding. A strategic investment fund will also be established to drive global growth initiatives in line with the ICC Global Growth Strategy.

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The ICC statement also revealed the increased prize money for women’s cricket tournaments. The champions and runners-up of the ICC Women’s T20 World Cup in 2020 and 2023 received USD 1 million and USD 500,000, respectively, representing a substantial fivefold increase compared to the previous edition in 2018.

The prize money for the ICC Women’s Cricket World Cup in 2022 has been raised to USD 3.5 million, up from USD 2 million awarded for winning the 2017 edition held in England.

Furthermore, the ICC Chief Executives’ Committee approved changes to the fines imposed for Test cricket’s over-rate violations. The amendments aim to strike a balance between preserving over-rates and providing equitable compensation for players.

Under the new rules, players will be fined 5 percent of their match fee for each over that falls short, with a maximum penalty of 50 percent. An exemption has been introduced, allowing teams not to face over-rate penalties if they are bowled out before reaching the 80-over mark and the new ball has not been delivered.

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Sourav Ganguly, member of the ICC Men’s Cricket Committee, expressed his support for the changes, emphasizing the significance of the ICC World Test Championship in injecting renewed energy and context into Test cricket.

Ganguly stated that maintaining over-rates is essential, and the recommended changes strike a balance by ensuring penalties remain while not discouraging players from participating in Test cricket.

The ICC’s recent decisions reflect a progressive approach towards the future of cricket, promoting gender equality, fair play, and the overall growth of the sport. These changes will undoubtedly contribute to creating a more inclusive and vibrant cricketing landscape.