Football NewsIlaix Moribas may leave Barcelona B
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Ilaix Moriba could be dropped from Barcelona B as negotiations get tense. Barcelona and Ilaix Moriba are in the midst of a standoff with regard to their contract negotiations.
Barcelona may drop him from Team B
Moriba Kourouma Kourouma born 19 January 2003, known as Ilaix Moriba is a Spanish professional footballer who plays as a central midfielder for Spanish on Barcelona B. Born in Guinea, he represents Spain internationally. Moriba Kourouma Kourouma arrived at Barcelona from Espanyol in 2010 and Moriba has shown himself quite well and in summary growing, reliable and efficient, The young up and coming star has the potential to be a decisive player in the first team over the coming seasons, but know it’s all thrown in doubt because he surely has considerable problems in contract side of things. Having rejected a renewal offer, as he believed that the wages offered by Barcelona did not reflect his performances and how it did not reflect status as well. It’s definitely odd to see Ilaix Moriba say such things considering his growth over the years, he seemed mediocre but absolutely promising to get better in future and it really showed, Moriba has grown significantly over the years and even Barcelona mentions it.
What can possibly await Moriba
Moriba is as already mentioned a great and promising player as a whole, but his comments on the renewal and how he doesn’t feel that salary actually reflect his status and power is strange to say the least. There is a huge possibility that Moriba will move on to another journey. And taking in consideration his comments, him saying no to a renewal of the said contract. It’s not predestined, but again as mentioned it has a big probability of happening, but then the real question lies where can Moriba possibly move on to? It seems like nobody is lightened up with interest to buy so only time will show how it all ends.