Football News‘I’m not going to imitate anyone’ – Andrea Pirlo assessed the starting victory
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The new Juventus coach Andrea Pirlo shares comments after a successful debut claiming he will imitate nobody as he has his personal ideas

Juventus started the 2020/21 season with a victory over Genoa Sampdoria (3: 0) and had an excellent debut as coach Andrea Pirlo. The 41-year-old Italian commented after the game. Pirlo told Sky Sport that his team could have scored the second goal and killed the intrigue early in the game. According to Andrea, he has his own ideas and is not going to imitate anyone.

Andrea Pirlo (Juventus head coach): “The first half was good, it is a pity that we could not close the game from the beginning and score a few goals, but we were vigilant in the decisive moments. “When he came from Germany. , he had already started training and is physically better than others. He can gain, but I’m still happy. “We will do better after returning. We will try to play with more strikers in the future. The main thing is to have a balance in all this. We are looking for a way to use as many talented players as possible.”

Juventus won the opening match of the season with goals from Dejan Kuluszewski, Leonardo Bonucci, and Cristiano Ronaldo, and in the next round, on September 27, they will face Roma.