Football NewsIn 2018, Morata dedicated this derogatory gesture to the Camp Nou
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The Atletico striker, on loan to Juve, would have accepted Xavi’s proposal to sign for Barça. When he played for Chelsea, he made this ugly gesture to the Barca fans.


What would happen with Morata?

The life of a footballer takes many turns. If not, let them tell Morata. As this newspaper has reported, the forward, who currently plays for Juventus on loan from Atlético, would be one step away from signing for Barcelona after accepting Xavi’s proposal. Incorporation, a priority for the Barça team, brings to mind old scenes. In 2018, Morata visited what may be his new home with the Chelsea shirt. With his Madrid past, where he grew up and won several titles with the first team, the Barça fans welcomed the forward as a true enemy. That Wednesday of the Champions League was not the best night for Álvaro Morata, who was again a substitute and jumped onto the pitch in the 66th minute of the game, with the 3-0 already shining on the Camp Nou scoreboard.


Can Conte give a chance to a player?

The former Real Madrid striker was whistled loudly when Antonio Conte gave him entry. The Barcelona fans, moreover, surely due to his Madrid past, rebuked him with various songs. “Morata has no eggs, Morata has no eggs!” They sang to him. According to the images of Atresmedia, which at that time had the rights to the Champions League, Morata put his left hand to his testicles while the Barcelona fans dedicated the chant “you are very bad!” . A scene that will surely come to light again due to the near and probable incorporation of the forward to Barcelona.