Football NewsIn the Champions League final, Gary Neville wanted Man City to beat the Reds
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Former Man Utd defender Gary Neville doesn’t want Klopp’s side to bring more major titles to Anfield this season.


What did Gary Neville say?

The former Red Devils player admitted that he wanted Man City to beat the Reds in the 2021-22 Champions League final. Liverpool reached their 10th final after seeing Villarreal in the last four at the start of the month, with Real Madrid now the only team left to stand in the way of the trophy. Man City were destined to enter the show for the second year in a row, only to fall prey to a stunning comeback from Madrid in their semi-final tie, and Gary believes they missed a golden opportunity.

The former Red Devils defender felt Man City had the tools to beat the Reds in the All-England final, which he would have applauded due to his fears of a Merseyside outfit adding to their delivery of major silverware. Gary doesn’t want Liverpool to move too far ahead of his old club as the most successful side in English football and said he actually thought Man City could beat the Reds in the final. According to Gary Neville it’s obvious that they are great contenders and they can’t get ahead in the Champions League or titles to be honest with them.


A little about the race for the PL title

The Manchester United legend was speaking after City hit Newcastle 5-0 in PL on Sunday, which saw them move three points clear of the Reds at the top of the table. Liverpool slipped against Tottenham to hand the defending champions the lead in this season’s title race, but Ruben Dias was injured in Man City’s latest win to join John Stones and Kyle Walker on their absentee list. Gary believes the Reds still have a chance of stealing the trophy over this news, with Guardiola’s side now facing tough exams at West Ham and the Wolves.

Gary Neville said he believes West Ham or Wolves can shock Man City. With Diaz injured, they are going into teams that have game systems that can hurt Man City. Both teams have had good seasons. They are uncomfortable. Manchester City should be in the best condition. The center-back partnership was liquidated. The injury is a push for the Reds’ chances. According to Neville, he really thinks there’s something left in this title race. It won’t just swim to the end.