Football NewsIn the Dani Alves’ case, young woman’s lawyer reveals new details
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The lawyer for the girl who accused Brazilian footballer Dani Alves of alleged sexual assault at a nightclub in Barcelona has revealed new details of the case.


How was everything?

Ester Garcia Lopez shared that Dani Alves did not use a condom in the alleged rape and that the 23-year-old had to use antivirals to prevent sexually transmitted infections, that the young woman was in psychiatric treatment and avoided following the news. The 23-year-old’s lawyer said she received psychological support through a government agency that specializes in treating victims of violence.

“The hospital sent her full treatment to avoid any kind of infectious disease because Dani Alves did not use a condom,” the lawyer explained in declarations reported by O Globo. According to her, the girl also has pharmacological treatment with anxiolytics so that she can sleep.


A little about the topic

The young woman’s lawyer pointed out to Thiago Arantes and Talyta Vespa that the quick night service of a specialized sex crime unit in Barcelona allowed evidence to be gathered in the case. Ester Garcia Lopez explained that, fortunately, she left the club in an ambulance and went straight to the Central Sexual Assault Unit.

So, according to the lawyer, unlike most victims of sexual violence, who wash their underwear due to trauma, she did not have time to think about it, she was quickly taken care of, leaving evidence there. Ester Garcia Lopez wanted to clarify that the young woman did not drink alcohol that night.

“She offered a concise statement, without any contradiction, and this is rare,” Advocaat explained. Garcia Lopez says that many women suffer from post-traumatic stress and forget the details, they remember later, and this does not invalidate the truth, but in her case this did not happen, she remembered everything from beginning to end.