Football NewsInigo: “My future? It is not at all clear, that it is what God wants”
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The situation 

Inigo Martínez has appeared publicly again. The second time this year after leaving the mixed zone in Elche. He said that: “I’m very calm, in my place, I know how the world of football works, a lot of blah, blah, blah… people talking without knowing,  I’m happy, I feel good” . He has carried out another exercise of dribbling after dribbling to avoid dealing with the tricky issue of whether he goes to Barcelona, ​​something that is taken for granted in Bilbao. There are no open negotiations to renew with Athletic and the question is whether the culé club will return to the fray in January and whether the rojiblanca board will open up to a negotiation. The normal thing is that it ends in June and I pack my bags without receiving a penny. “I am happy here, I feel very comfortable, my future is not at all clear . These issues of my renewal… this is neither the time nor the place to talk. The day it arrives, we’ll talk”, it has been dispatched on Onda Vasca, to then cling to the topic that “my representatives and the club take care of it, I stay out of it, doing things as best as possible”, because he believes that “this will It can get confusing and I avoid topics of this type”.

The details

It is normal to handle this type of speech when someone thinks about leaving a club . “I’m going to continue to do my thing, defending these colors until the end” , he adds to continue ensuring the affection of the San Mamés fans. On social networks it is already being agitated that his departure is something like a betrayal, without reaching the extreme of what he did with the Royal Society to make the leap to the eternal enemy. “These are comments that hurt, there is too much talk, I am used to this type of thing, I don’t lose focus, knowing what I should do defending these colors, trying to give my best for Athletic”. Everything is paralyzed in Bilbao, waiting for Laporta to make a move, there may be an imminent attempt after Piqué announced his retirement. “The negotiations are there, my representatives take the issue, doing the best for me and for the club, and the club, the same. I will fight until the end and let it be what God wants”. A phrase that already gives clues about the outcome that is going to occur. If it is God who has to solve it… “I am very happy here, happy, I come every day with a smile, I feel loved and that is the most important thing” . This question makes him feel uncomfortable: “The subject is a bit tiring, I don’t think about it much. It’s time to keep fighting for this club until the end of the season”.