Is IPL Threatening The Global Priority To International Cricket With New Billion Dollars At Stake!

Is IPL Threatening The Global Priority To International Cricket With New Billion Dollars At Stake!

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22 Jun 2022
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One of the first things that crossed Lisa Sthalekar’s desk as the first woman president of the global cricketers body, FICA, is how much players are going to get in the new US6 billion deal by the BCCI. The BCCI’s priority now is openly IPL which is like dark clouds over international cricket.

If even 25 per cent of that amount is used to expand the salary cap of 10 IPL clubs, the international cricket landscape runs the risk of becoming a financial consideration. Over time, this could be seen as something more like a farming system for the IPL.

That percentage it equal to what Australian cricketers are entitled to share as part of the agreement between Cricket Australia and the players’ union, would more than triple the IPL salary cap value.

This year’s limit was set at US$11.9 million [$17.1 million] for each club, which was approximately 14 percent of the value of the previous rights deal, but increased by a percentage to US$37.5 million for the new rights deal.

That kind of statistic will attract the best players in the world to the IPL. Where Pat Cummins currently earns over $2 million similar to the richest contracts currently to play in the IPL, it will now be possible for the Indian event to earn anything up to US$10 million.

Such a ratio would ask fresh questions of players, agents and member boards, leaving everyone to negotiate and settle their availability with the cricketers. Much has been said about the fact that as a result of this deal, IPL broadcast rights are now worth more on a per-game basis than those of the English Premier League.

In the EPL, NBA, and NFL, the percentage of broadcast rights revenue paid to players is comfortably over 50 percent—this sheer scale is one reason world sport is now thrilled to have a handful of cash-up, globalized leagues. Those competitions also have other huge sources of revenue, such as hospitality, tickets and sponsorships, which better diversify the sources of money.

But the truth is, if it were to match other attributes of equal global qualification, the IPL would pay its players the kind of amount that would make it difficult for many players to prioritize international cricket.

Which is why the administrators of the world are now looking up to the BCCI hopefully for some proof of how its leaders will bite the new broadcast pie. Board secretary Jay Shah spoke with aome respect for the international game.

“As long as world cricket remains strong, Indian cricket will remain strong – I assure you that,” he told PTI last week. “BCCI is committed to international cricket. And it’s not just about India vs Australia or India vs England marquee series, we are committed to playing smaller countries as well.

Good words indicate that, at least for now, India’s board may be in a hurry to slowly do away with a game-changing amount of its newfound authority to alter cricket’s geopolitical balance. The big innings could still be an auction or three away.

“We are entering a new phase of the game that includes more cricket than ever before for our men’s and women’s players,” he said. “I look forward to working on behalf of our member players’ associations and players, and in particular to work with the ICC to ensure that the rights of all players are protected.”

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