Cricket“It was definitely pressure there, but it’s so much fun”, Cameron Green on finishing the match
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Cameron Green showed why he is one of the most amazing talents in the world. Green had a decent bowling performance with the ball, would hace had a wicket but unfortunately David Warner was dropped off on his bowling by Piyush Chawla, it was a tough chance though.

However, it was needed something special from him with the bat. Something that he has done before for Perth Scorchers in BBL but in more tensed and stretched out circumstances. That’s how big players announce their arrival, Green is literally big in size as well as enormous in talent.

Mumbai Indians needed 30 off 19 balls when he came to bat, the equation looks easy but he and Tim David didn’t even had a ball before that situation. Mumbai Indians were 145/4 with two new batters at the crease who had 0* (0) in front of their names.

But Cameron Green cutted first ball he faced for a boundary which was pressure releasing thing and making the equation more suitable for Mumbai who were looking for their first win.

Last over was a complete thriller, defending only 5 runs, Anrich Nortje was at his best to make both Aussie batters to bat hard for every single run.

Mumbai Indians lads talking after the winning run ©IPL

In the post match talk, Cameron Green said, “Yeah, you probably expect us to get a bit earlier, but now thankfully exactly result we wanted. So yeah, we’re pretty happy in the camp.”

Two runs were needed of the last ball and two big boys were at the crease, but still only a diving effort made it possible for Tim David to complete the second run. At non striker’s end, Green has similiar kind of thought in his head.

“I didn’t wanna like cramp or anything and took the helmet off. And yeah, basically I knew when Tim flicked it, I knew we had a chance to get 2. So yeah, thankfully it came off.

“I knew when the ball went to Tim and I basically just looked over, I knew I was gonna make it. So when I saw the throw was a bit high, I knew we had a chance and luckily Tim is a big boy so he can dive along way.”

Coming to bat in a tensed moment is never easy, especially when the team has invested so much in a player but Cameron Green, even though being young, has some international experience which is always beneficial in such moments.

Talking about the planning before going to bat, Cameron Green said, “Yeah, probably a conversation we had on the bench where I think we only needed maybe two or three boundaries. So I think it was just being busy when I got out there. And yeah, thankfully a few came off, but yeah, that was kind of the plan we had going in.”

Pressure, pressure, pressure, it either makes a player or breaks a player. Luckily, Green was cool and confident with his approach.

“It was definitely pressure there, but it’s so much fun. Yeah, being out there trying to get 10 over, that’s kind of what you live for and that’s why you’re here. And yeah, it’s pretty special game inside that. Hopefully it kicks out our campaign.”