Football NewsItalians had an easy win against Turkey – They are favorites for Euro 2020
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The first game at the Stadio Olimpico was very successful for the host. Italy won the first game in the group with three goals difference.


Interesting line-ups from both sides

Donnarumma was the main goalkeeper and it was not a surprise. Keep in mind that Gianluigi has transfer news in upcoming days. Although experts believe that he won’t announce anything before the end of the Euro 2020 for Italian national team. PSG is the most interested in him and experts suggest that the President of the team has already signed a personal agreement with the goalkeeper and his family. On the other hand, Italian fans are not happy with the goalkeeper’s decision. They suggest that no Italians have to power-up French clubs. Italian coach decided to play with Bonucci and Chielini in the central defense. Keep in mind that Turkish attacking line could not win the battles against Italy’s defensive line. Bonucci and Chielini are both best in the Italian Serie A, so they did their best job on the pitch yesterday. The Italians also played with 3 attacking players. Berardi was on the right side and Immobile was playing as the central attacking forward. He scored a goal in the second half. 


Three goals in second half

Italy scored three unresponsive goals in the second half. The first half was a little bit tough for both teams but everything changed in the second 45 minutes. Italians scored three goals in just 30 minutes and dominated the last 15 minutes too. After Berardi’s approach, Demirel scored an own goal. The Italians opened the score-line after 8 minutes of the referee’s whistle. 10 minutes after the first goal, Italians increased the lead. Immobile took the ball and scored a beautiful goal. 15 minutes passed and Insigne scored a very beautiful goal from the left-side.