Football NewsIt’s official, Ronaldo returns to Manchester United
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It may have seemed late on Thursday night that Cristiano Ronaldo was about to sign for Manchester City. Still, a dramatic turn of events saw the Portuguese forward agree with terms with his former Premier League club Manchester United. The Red Devils then officially announced No. 7’s return to Old Trafford on Friday evening.

Manchester United confirms that Ronaldo is coming.

This news is just so new and so out of nowhere that many straight up don’t believe this. Manchester United has confirmed that they already signed a contract with Ronaldo, and it’s mind-boggling how fast everything went down. Ronaldo was always open about his ideas of evolution and progress. He is ready to do everything needed to evolve as a player, and he is a quick man. It was Thursday when we got information regarding the whole leaving thing, but now it’s official. Following a day of speculation, Manchester United released a statement to explain that Ronaldo will wear red again once a few final details are ironed out. No.7 is no longer in Juventus, and again, as mentioned, it’s crazy how fast all of this just flew through the day like air, now Ronaldo is back to Manchester United, and it seems as he will go even further with all of his evolution and his team will be the place where he will shine and rise like never before. 

Ronaldo’s future in Manchester United

Everything is clear at this point. Ronaldo will continue his career in Manchester United, and he will indeed show us great games in the future. The club he is in right now is the club that raised him, loved him and will continue growing him until he ends his career in future. We have to have some patience, and that is it. We will see Ronaldo in red uniform once again.