Football TransfersIvan Perisic Signs a two-year Deal with Tottenham Hotspur on a Free Transfer.
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Ivan Perisic has been Inter’s and Serie A’s greatest full-back in the previous year, and his old club may already be resenting his choice to transfer to England.

Perisic has picked Tottenham and Antonio Conte to round off his illustrious career in the greatest conceivable way: by gaining Premier League experience after winning titles in Germany and Italy.

Despite being born and bred in Croatia, the former Wolfsburg star played for Inter from 2015 to 2022, but throughout his six years at the San Siro (including a season on loan at Bayern Munich), he has had numerous unfavorable experiences owing to his strong attitude and ‘South American’ temperament.

Perisic demonstrated his strong personality and sensitive nature in Italy. He may be irritable at times, especially when it comes to refereeing decisions, and he has been issued a few yellow cards, which have harmed his play.

In London, he’ll have to work on this delicate side of his nature, and Conte will have to soothe his new left-competitive back’s rage.

Perisic was the greatest player in a victorious Inter Milan side’s 3-5-2 shape and dominated every Serie A statistic, demonstrating his exceptional health despite being 33 years old and significantly modifying his style of play owing to Conte’s insight.

He stood out for his selflessness and sacrifice, and Tottenham will profit from his tactical upgrade in recent years, which has significantly altered his style of play.

Robin Gosens will attempt to carry on his legacy at Inter, but the effort will be difficult given the new Spurs midfielder’s tactical, technical, and charismatic talents.