English Premier LeagueIvan Rakitic is sure about Kounde’s transfer
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Ivan Rakitic can understand why Sevilla teammate Jules Kounde might like the big money transfer this summer, with the 22-year-old hoping to attract interest from the world’s biggest clubs.


What did Rakitic say about Jules Kounde

Rivals Man City and United have been heavily involved with relocation for the high-ranking Frenchman, with approaches from the Etihad Stadium having been knocked out in the past. Ivan Rakitic believes there will be more proposals on the table in the next window, with the ability to tie in with title-pounding heavyweights with a clear appeal to the ambitious youth.

Former Barcelona star Ivan Rakitic, who returned to Sevilla in 2020, said that a boy like Jules Kounde, at his age, if he gets an offer from one of the biggest clubs in the world, you have to understand the child and his situation.


Jules Kounde’s transfer

It is not cheap to acquire this ability, and Jules will boast undeniable talent in the present and significant potential for the future. His current contract reportedly includes an exemption clause that could be initiated by would-be sponsors. This price tag is said to be £68m, which would be enough to scare off nagging for now. However, interest is growing again, and any number of parties from all over Europe may be tempted to spend large sums of money at the next opportunity.

Sevilla admitted to receiving a great offer from Man City in 2020, but was able to fight back. Jules Kounde spoke with the Blues, but was happy to stay in Spain and continue his development there. However, Guardiola is still sniffing while man Utd is also on the market for yet another robust half-option center to pop alongside club captain Harry Maguire. The current Jules contract is expected to last until the summer of 2024.