Football NewsIvan Toney once again angered Brentford fans
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Ivan Toney apologized for disrespecting the club earlier in the season but made a similar error of judgment in a TikTok video.


A little about the topic

The English footballer once again risked the wrath of Brentford fans by answering nowhere unsettlingly when asked where he currently plays. Ivan quickly established himself as a cult hero among the Brentford faithful after joining the club from Peterborough in August 2020. The English striker scored 31 Championship goals in his debut season to sack promotion side Thomas Frank and has been impressive in the PL, but his off-field attitude has not always been as attractive.


Ivan Toney apologized

Ivan has been turned on by Brentford fans after a video surfaced in January of him disrespecting the club. The teenage Ivan Toney was heard saying “f*ck Brentford” in a clip recorded while he was on holiday in Dubai during his winter break. Ivan subsequently apologized, tweeting that he was aware of a video of him that had been posted on social media. In it, Toney used language that was unacceptable. The video has been cut and edited, but he has to accept the impact it has and understand that he shouldn’t have put himself in that position. according to Ivan Toney he wants to apologize to all Brentford fans.


What did Ivan Toney say?

Currently, Ivan has appeared in a short Q&A with TikTok star ‘callmetoksy’, who has created a large group by polling celebrities in their cars. The player was first asked what he does for a living, to which Ivan Toney replied that he was a professional footballer. Ivan Toney opened himself up to more criticism with his answer to the next question, when asked where he currently plays. Ivan responded nowhere unsettlingly and laughed before giving the interviewer a thumbs up as the video ended. The former Peterborough starlet, who has 11 PL goals to his credit this season, was named in Brentford’s latest squad for a trip to Leicester City.