Football NewsJames Milner says he never watches Manchester City
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James Milner avoids watching his old side when he leaves exhausted by the experience.


A little about the topic

The English player says he doesn’t watch Man City play as he sees it as a waste of energy as both sides continue to remain locked in the fight for PL glory. Guardiola’s side have an edge on Klopp’s Liverpool heading into the last two games of the season, with Man City currently three points ahead at the top of the table. James previously played for Manchester City before moving to Anfield and is now weighing how he prefers to digest his opponents’ matches – or rather how he doesn’t.


What did James Milner say?

Speaking of his side’s rivalry with his former club, James Milner admits he chooses not to watch them by choice. The Liverpool midfielder said he never watches their games. It was the same when Milner was in Man City and he went down to the wire. According to James Milner, they sit there so tensely, he hopes it’s a waste of energy. James can’t do anything about it.


James Milner is still here

Elsewhere, the Englishman has reflected on his relationship with manager Klopp – who has used him as the salesman for all deals among his squad – and admitted that his manager may not have expected him to stay at Anfield. James Milner added that he had a season at left back. Looking back, James doesn’t know if the manager thought he would be here or he thought he would be folded – Milner was probably at the back of the line – but he managed to find his way back. According to James, they have these spells in every club where it’s make-or-break. It’s a proud time for Milner because he managed to fight back into midfield and he’s still here.