Football NewsJesse Lingard about Ibrahimovic: “He has a winner’s mentality.”
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Jesse Lingard, the midfielder of “Manchester United,” described the series dedicated to Michael Jordan as “The Last Dance.” He says that it is very motivating. He also recalls how Zlatan Ibrahimovic brought the spirit of winners in the team.


“It is a very motivating TV series. When Dennis Rodman, Scottie Pippen, and Michael Jordan were on the team, they got together and did their job. It was an incredible story to see how Jordan’s work ethic helped his teammates improve.

Are there people like him in football? I will name Zlatan Ibrahimovic. When he came to Manchester United, we felt this aura around him. He has a winning mentality, and that motivates us to win titles. Not many people have that kind of thing.

He came to United and told us that he wanted to win titles. I was young at the time, as was Marcus Rashford. When we won the first prize, it made us thirsty for victories.

I would say that Zlatan brought the spirit of a winner to the team. “- Lingard was quoted as saying by beIN Sports.

The 38-year-old Swedish striker played for Man United in 2016-2018 and won the Europa League with the team. However, during most of the tournament, he had his cruciate ligaments injured and could not manage to play in any of the final stages.