Joaquin will retire from football in summer – he made a big history part II

Joaquin will retire from football in summer – he made a big history part II

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21 Jan 2022
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Similarly, the transfer to Real Madrid failed, where Joaquin could become another “Galactico”. There, the football player had nothing to do with it – he was ready to move, but whether the clubs did not agree on the price, or whether Florentino Perez eventually changed his mind, is unclear.


Joaquin rejected many offers

The fact is that the president of Betis was so angry with Joaquin that when the option with Valencia was drawn, De Lopera found a way to take revenge on the player. At the beginning of August 2006, Valencia indicated interest in the winger, made an offer, and he was ready to move to Mestalla, and the president took advantage of the terms of the current contract and sent Joaquin on a one-day loan to Albacete.  “Albacete – relieved the need and move on” – something like this sounds like a saying. Joaquin did not make a fuss, but acted as he was used to – he turned everything into a joke. I went to the Albacete base, took a picture with the club employees and returned back.

Valencia, which until recently became the champion of Spain, by 2006 found itself deep in Albacete. Quique Sanchez Flores loaded the players with physical fitness, Unai Emery, in contrast, harassed him with tactics and many hours of watching videos (“we don’t have enough popcorn,” Joaquin commented), and the football player still avoids calling Ronald Koeman by name and surname.

“He didn’t do anything for me. Veterans were expelled from the team, every morning was very tense. You wake up and there is no desire to go to training. The dressing room is divided. Someone pounded on the door, but they were not allowed in. A disgusting situation that we did not deserve, ”Joaquin recalled Koeman’s work at Valencia.


The player and national team – real drama

The main drama in Joaquin’s football career is, of course, the national team. After a miss at the World Cup in Japan and Korea, he remained part of the national team until the penultimate game of the qualifying round for Euro 2008. He was on the team during the most difficult times for her. In 2006, when Spain lost to Northern Ireland, the midfielder dropped the word “mess” to the press when describing the state of the team. Aragones let Joaquin finish qualifying, but did not take him to the tournament. After that, Spain won three major tournaments in a row.

“The boys called me, congratulated me, made me feel that I was also a part of this success. But from the fact that I did not experience all this personally, it was hard and sad. And unfair. At that time I thought that Aragones had treated me unfairly. I celebrated with tears in my eyes,” recalled Joaquin, who was no longer called up to the national team.

The image of a joker and a sociable guy sometimes harmed Joaquin the football player. Yes, the fans adored him, almost every Spaniard has a favorite story about Joaquin, but some in the football world perceived him primarily as a joker. 

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