Football NewsJorge Valdano -When Bernabeu ends, Anfield will look like a training
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Jorge Valdano hits back on Jurgen Klopp about the stadium situation. Klopp complained about the stadium that they played first-leg of Champions League.


Valdano is angry 

During the latest interview, Jorge said that Klopp’s words were awful. As you may know, Klopp said that Liverpool played on the training ground in Madrid. Real Madrid’s main stadium, Santiago Bernabeu is under construction. It’s been closed since March of 2020. As the experts suggest that Bernabeu will be open for the fans in the summer of 2022. So, there is still one year to go and Bernabeu will be complete by that time. Real Madrid has been playing at a different stadium for about one year. Liverpool played in that little stadium and Klopp complained. German coach said that it’s not a stadium for a Champions League game. Valdano was very angry over the complaints. Valdano said that after re-constructions, Bernabeu will be a 21st century stadium. So, after the re-constructions Anfield will look like a training ground compared to Bernabeu. 


Second-leg of ¼ clash

Real Madrid will play against Liverpool in five days. Liverpool will be host in this case and the game seems to be very interesting. Los Blancos played their first game in Madrid and scored three goals. Liverpool was not good in defensive and attacking line. Jurgen Klopp’s team scored one goal in the second half but they could not make a big impact. Los Blancos attacking line was very aggressive during the counter-attacks, that’s why “The Reds” could not attack without hesitation. Liverpool will be without Virgil Van Dijk and it seems that they will have issues in the defensive line. Real Madrid will be without Sergio Ramos. Jurgen Klopp might start with Jota as an attacking player again. At the same time, he could not make a big impact in Madrid.